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Born in Gotham, partly raised in NJ (where I became an Angler at an early age). At 15 I travelled and lived abroad with my family in Egypt, Afghanistan, and Ceylon (as it were then). Returned to NJ for college and quickly dropped out. Served 4 years in Navy...(fished for Dolly Vardens in the Aleutians and Marble trout in the former Yugoslavia) returned to live and fish in; first. Southern Cal,next Colorado (where I finally got my BFA), then back to VA for ten years or so...grew weary and moved to Livingston, MT for 6 years. Now, back in Virginia...until I can run away, again, hopefully before I am no longer able to run away! I am still trying to find a way to support myself with my talent...which happens to be painting the Art of Fly Fishing. Petri heil!
Greenwich Village, NYC
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HARDY ULTRALITE DISC - SALMON  Near Mint - serial #659/1000  4 1/4"w/brand new spare spool                $450.  Post paid   Comes with Hardy-marked Selvyt pouch OCEAN CITY PLYMOUTH Model 76 Original box Great mechanically  $40. UNION HARDWARE - 3" Dia.  a bit of spool play, otherwise good original condition.  50s level nylon fly line included.   $30.  P/PMONTAGUE "RAPIDAN"  -  100 YD  3"  Rare.  Needs to have the gear-wheel peened,  otherwise fine.  $60. P/P
Favorite TV Shows:
SMITH & WALL rare, early alloy reel by R. Heaton desciples. 3" X 1" tight reel $80. P/P   Allcock's "The Gilmour" 3 1/2" x 1" tight reel, nice patina, chip out of ivorine handle $80. P/P
Favorite Movies:
ORVIS MAGNALITE MULTIPLIER  and SPARE SPOOL 3.5"                                                        $125.  P/PComes with 2 good lines - Floating and Sinking...8 WT (I think)Leeda Gearfly Intrepid Multiplier and Spare Spool3.5"                                                  $95.  P/P
Favorite Quotes:
J. W. Young  Model 8    3.5" narrow  -  Recent annodized finish otherwise original, good condition.  The agate line guard is perfect.  One rivet is missing on backplate but reel functions perfectly.  $175. P/P J W YOUNG PRIDEX  -  3"  Reversible  -  Very good condition, cosmetically...a bit well used.  Needs cleaning - very desireable size   $70. P/PJ W YOUNG "BEAUDEX"  -  3 1/4" - Narrow  -  Reversible, great condition mechanically.Usual dings and chipped paint.  Missing line guard.  $70.  P/P

What I've Been Up To

My Occupation

Artist / Ne'erdowell ....actually, sometimes I do do well, but not always. Since the age of 8 (or thereabout) I have been obsessed with FISHES, and have been drawing, painting, etching and lithographing them until this very day. I've illustrated books on fish and angling for John Gierach, John Varley and Paul Schullery, and Norm Ziegler...all of whom I think of as friends. Until recently, I've been writing, painting and photographing for the marvellous publication ART OF ANGLING JOURNAL...(and am longing for its reappearance). I am currently (Summer 2007) having a show of my watercolors at the CATSKILL FLY FISHING CENTER and have recently joined THEODORE GORDON FLY FISHERS. Obviously, I am partial to the romantic and classical origins of the sport to which I've devoted my sorry life. Petri Heil!

My Hobbies

Actually...Fishing, Fly Tying, Tackle Collecting and Using, Reading, Writing, and...no, NOT Arithmatic, Travel, and drinking Wine and Whisky (Women and Song when available).

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A Few Reels For Sale...

MADE IN ENGLAND Hardy Ultralite Disc Salmon   4 1/4"  Mint with new spare spool   Serial number 659/1000
Comes with original Hardy Selvyt pouch and spare spool cap.  An excellent reel for today's lightweight Spey and Switch rods.        $450.  Postpaid

Smith & Wall   3"  Very early aluminum alloy reel in very good original condition
$80.  Postpaid

J W Young  Pattern 1C  w/ red agate guide   3.5" "dry fly" reel
In great shape, only flaw is the missing rivet (see reel back)  The reel's function is not effected.    $150.  Postpaid

Orvis Magnalite Multiplier, made by J. W. Young   3.5"  with spare spool   included a floating line (WF-8) and a sinking tip line (WF-8) I think!  Both in good condition.

Reel is reversible and comes with original Orvis case and all paperwork.   $225. Postpaid

J W Young Beaudex  3.25"  Generally good condition, few bumps and rubs...mechanically tight.  Missing line guard.                        $65.  Postpaid

Allcock's "The Gilmour"  3.5"  Leaded finish evenly worn, small chip from top of ivorine handle.                                                                         $70.  Postpaid

Leeda Gearfly   3.5"  Multiplier with spare spool.  Good condition.     $125.  Postpaid 

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A Few More Reels For Sale...

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